What is an IoT Platform

In order to understand an IOT platform, it is first necessary to understand what IOT means, both literally and in terms of its implications for the future world, both business and personal in the next five or 10 years.

IOT stands quite simply for the Internet of things.

This is a phrase that has been around for a long time, but is rapidly coming to fruition and is likely to dominate the way people, places and things communicate with each other in the future.

The internet of things is quite simply in a way the process of  how devices are wirelessly connected to each other, producing what is quite often referred to as areas such as a smart home or a smart car.

The scenario of a smart home has been around for a while in the realms of science fiction, but is now becoming a reality.

All household devices are being fitted with sensors that will allow them to be wirelessly connected to the Internet.

In addition cities are being fitted with sensors that will allow them to track cars, bicycles and all forms of  transportation.

The clothes that people wear, the food they eat, where they live, where they work, how they get to work, where they do their shopping, where they go on holiday, how they pay for their life etc will soon all be linked together online.


To many people this seems like a joyful existence, to many others a living nightmare. In either event the networked world will soon become a reality whether people like it or not, driven in large part by businesses and companies .

They will be to make huge savings by effectively automating a number of processes, and by ruthlessly mining  big data, which is essentially the information that will be generated by all these devices talking to each other.

And IOT platform is essentially a platform that will allow this to happen. There are currently estimated to be 3 or 400 IOT platforms, some proprietary, some open source and some big players such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

At the moment and IOT platform can mean different things to different people.

The development of these platforms has been compared to the growth of the Internet in its early stages, where Netscape and Microsoft tried to establish dominance of browsers and  Yahoo and Altavista tried to dominate the search market.

At the moment it is most impossible to identify specifically what an IOT platform is for this particular reason. As time goes on and devices develop, the infrastructure will inevitably grow around them.

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