What are Cyber Security Solutions?

The nature of all cyber security solutions starts with a very simple premise.

Understand the nature of the risk in terms of what personal information is held and on whom, and what is the potential damage to any of those individuals if that information is leaked or in some other way breached.

Cyber security is quite a wide ranging phrase, and many people tend to think about its largely in technical terms.

Whilst there is obviously a large technical element, a lot of the basics of cyber security are pretty much common sense.

Everything to do with cyber security is relative to the individual and/or their organisation or business.

Cyber security affects an individual going about their day-to-day business as much as it does a multinational Corporation, or a one-person website running Shopify.

The first and most basic thing to do is to understand the nature of the risk or risks involved.

Once the risks are understood, then it becomes clearer what you can do to minimise those risks, and what action can be taken in the event of any data breach or cyber crime  taking place.


What is equally important is that the individual or company take responsibility for their own cyber governance.

Cyber governance is really just a way of saying that there need to be some type of structure or system in place that overseas and checks the system of risk analysis, and to make sure that the solutions are in place to deal with it.

Cyber governance will depend on the size of the organisation, but should normally have one person as the lead, at board level or equivalent, who has the authority to make decisions concerning all levels of enforcing cyber security solutions.

The lead person should have responsibility for making sure that there is a structure for overall cyber security, proper systems are in place and staff are adequately trained and monitored to make sure they comply with cyber governance policies.

The other thing to realise about cyber security solutions that there will likely be many of them.

Cyber security is not simply a technical issue in terms of IT systems, both hardware and software, it is also very much about understanding where the risks come from in terms of how people access online material, as well as the growing threat of people using their own devices within the context of a secure IT system.

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