Is a Cyber Security Certificate Worthwhile?

A cyber security certificate is often seen as proof that someone has either undertaken a course or gained a degree or experience in cyber security that modifies them to either give advice or be a lead in some type of cyber  governance policy.

This course can be true, but it is also important to check what the content of the cyber security course is or was,  who the provider was and whether or not the person holding the cyber security certificate has updated their knowledge since the course was completed.

It is a good thing to encourage everyone involved in any organisation or business to become aware of cyber security, and any type of training that enhances that knowledge or awareness is going to be helpful.

Issuing cyber security certificates do not necessarily mean a huge amount in their own right, except that a lot of people like certificates having completed courses.

It gives them a sense of achievement and accomplishment, and sometimes a sense of pride in the course they have done.


Any basic cyber security certificate should reflect a course that covers the basics of cyber security.

This may relate to specific IT systems or hardware or software configurations, or may simply be a more generalised introduction to the various threats that make up the main element of cyber security and how they can be dealt with.

A good cyber security course should include some moment of cyber insurance.

Whilst there is not expected to be an understanding of the technical elements of how insurance works, any cyber security system needs to have in place some element of insurance that can help do with a potential catastrophe of a huge data breach or similar.

A good cyber insurance policy provider will work with the organisation at the outset to help them identify the specific risks to their business or company, and will output in place structures that can help deal with the reality of cyber crime if it happens to take place.


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