What is Cyber Liability Imsurance?

The need for some type of cyber liability insurance is recognised at a level by businesses and organisations, but has yet to become widespread in terms of an understanding of the real needs and risks of cyber security and cybercrime.

Many individuals and businesses who are at risk of some type of cyber crime either believe the risk is minimal, the real risk relates to other people or that they are already covered under some type of commercial liability insurance, or their own domestic household insurance.

The extent to which an individual or business is covered under their normal commercial or household insurance policy is highly debatable, and could be an area of real concern if any potential claim arises.

For people who don’t believe there is a real risk of cyber crime to them or their business, they could be right or they could simply be living in  some type of cuckoo land.

The need for some type of cyber liability insurance, is often referred to simply as cyber insurance will  obviously depend to an extent on the nature of the business or the individual concerned, but they should nevertheless be an understanding of what the real risks are, and whether they can be self managed or whether some type of cyber liability insurance is needed.

The nature of cybercrime and cyber security means that any individual or business with any type of network of computers or smart phones is potentially at risk.


A data breach can be either digital or paper, or a combination of both Such a data breach that she always includes theft of information which is then used in a number of ways to commit some type of crime fraud against the business or organisation, which can also involve either its  employees or its customers.

Such cyber crime or fraud can relate to financial information or products, or simply people’s money, but can also have a much more widespread and devastating effect in numerous ways depending upon the nature and scale of the business or organisation involved.

Cyber liability insurance can provide a wide range of different solutions, both financial and practical in the event of some type of cybercrime or data breach occurring. it is a good idea to research what type of site that liability insurance policies available, and keep a close eye on what insurance products become available in the future.

There is a growing sense that cyber liability insurance is in its infancy, and the need for it will grow massively over the next few years. T