Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance and Cyber Security

Sometimes the very words Public liability Insurance make anyone involved in any business or organisation slightly nervous.

Many people think they don’t need any public liability insurance unless they are simply something like an events company, or where the nature of their business means they might potentially  have some contact with the public, and in certain cases need to have public liability insurance.

The issue of what type of business or company needs public liability insurance  will probably depend on who is paying for it, and whether or not they consider it a risk that they are willing to bear themselves, or whether they had been burned in the past and understand the need some type of insurance.

It is equally true that a number of  insurance companies and insurance brokers  will sell the need for public liability insurance when it is questionable whether it is really needed But all types of insurance that are not legally mandated will be taken out by individuals or businesses either because they have had a loss in the past, or they sufficiently open to recognise the need for it.

Where the issue of public liability insurance becomes much more relevant in some ways is the whole area of cyber security and cyber risk.

Any individual or business which holds information about themselves or any member of the public is potentially at risk of a data breach, which could result in some type of cybercrime involving the theft of information relative to a wide range of different individuals.


The nature of cybercrime and the need for some type of cyber liability insurance has mushroomed in the last few years, and is likely to grace the in the next few What is perhaps important to realise is that a significant number of insurance companies recognise the risk of cybercrime and the issue of cyber security generally, and specifically exclude it from different types of insurance policies.

These may well include public liability insurance policies, which an organisation or business may believe gives them the cover they need in the event of some type of data breach of cyber crime.

There is a need for businesses and organisations of all sizes to recognise the real risks and threats of cybercrime and cyber security, and to have specific clarification whether or not their existing public liability insurance policies, or domestic household policies, or any other type of commercial liability insurance by that includes or excludes cyber insurance risks.

If in any doubt, the individual or business should take out a specific cyber insurance policy, which may well become a much more normal feature of the insurance world in the next few years, as insurance companies move to limit their potential liability under existing types of commercial liability insurance policies. T